EMBRACE – a love poem


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A Spun Illusion

A Spun Illusion

       poem & graphics by Malcolm Evison

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A Piscine Ploy – illustrated poem

A Piscine Ploy - illustrated

A PISCINE PLOY #poetry #IllustratedPoem painting & poem by Malcolm Evison from 2006 – freshly formatted image 020918

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Alexander’s Whole New World – Illustrated Poem

Alex whole new poem

a poem from a (somewhat) doting grandpa

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A BODY FEELS – first hasty draft



Each footstep jolts

the ankle, knee and hip

provokes a frank response

to the humid heat


Today the weariness

extends its reach

beyond the old

familiar aches and pains


Almost as if each limb

and digit has undergone

some sauna torture.

As irritated bowel


And subservient colon

conspire against the bladders need –

bladder reciprocates the deed

and every oozing pore


Screams out for mercy





Malcolm Evison –

first hasty draft 18.50 –  23 July 2018

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AWE STRUCK – a poem (re-post)


                                                                  AWE STRUCK




and late at night

I trudge through well-worn paths

alone beneath the vastness

of the skies


awe struck

I stop and stare –

no other footfall echoes

in this vast auditorium


I spot

a glow worm light

wonder if it too may be

as distant


as the firmament

of stars

always remaining

just out of reach






Malcolm Evison

04 October 2012


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lines whilst listening to New Thing at Newport (1965)

Lines whilst listening to “New Thing at Newport” (1965)

[Draft 4]


the reeds stray

from strident to mellifluous  

Soaring and flailing through the air

dance and sing their way


around and over percussive beats

release me from despondency

assure me that at least

I can still feel



                           Malcolm Evison

                            27 March 2018

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