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The Goal

THE GOALknowing the next turncould be the onehe visibly relaxescan’t trustthe satnavschirpy voicehe still waits for the proof –and yes it’s thereas if to provethere’s such a thingas answered prayer              Malcolm Evison              27 August ’09 Advertisements

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Mal’s Factory offers the simple life

Just posted a new poem, The Simple Life, on ‘Mal’s Factory’.

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That Moment

  THAT MOMENT   and suddenlysun seizesfull control   changesmy outlookcreates     a perfect day                 Malcolm Evison          18 August 2009

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SPIKE   Daylight confusion reigns, the creature fails to separate diurnal from nocturnal rules.   One easily discerns something’s amiss but has no ready answer     to the hedgehogs plight. Find a nice box, line it with newsprint, hay … Continue reading

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