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When I Could – a poem

When I Could (apropos ME)*   when I could I often did   at very least I tried   now I cannot it crucifies    my past life truly died      Malcolm Evison 31 January 2018 * Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – … Continue reading

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Morning – a poem from my archives (unedited)

MORNING     Blackly embroidered against the morning sky, three trees.   Filtering silver through the mist; the sun emerges into day.   But nothing seems so real as in my dreams.   I grow into my death it does … Continue reading

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Dogged Squalls

    Dogged Squalls (Draft 12)   more puddles than hardcore form the canines bridleway – the howling gales chill breath fails to dispel the moisture sated clouds – unbridled lashings of rain perturbs the hounds and angers their human … Continue reading

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