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ENCOUNTERing Ornette

ENCOUNTERing Ornette stylus meets vinyl explores the groove and I ramp up the gain riffed harmonies explode disclose less travelled roads expose the myth of certainty yet still explore the joy of being – no longer wondering he simply shares … Continue reading

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a link to Being

  As I use both WordPress and Blogger, I’ve noticed that a lot of blog readers tend to stick to one or the other.  I have posted an illustrated poem – BEING – on ‘Mal’s Factory‘: one of my Blogger outlets. 

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Moving – apoem A poem entitled MOVING can be found on my  ‘Mal’s Factory’ blog!

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Nightscape with Rainfall – poem

Nightscape with Rainfall The rudiments of fear trace each step; the hollow echoes dampered by the rain. Haunted by absences – the lack of any company to take the chill away – a sudden surge of cowardice betrays his vanity. … Continue reading

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some frenzied god

  some frenzied god or giant spews out its bile the howling gale shakes everything down to the very root torrential rain discloses flaws in ones protection washes the debris away and I retreat to the shelter of a house … Continue reading

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the kleptocrats – a ConDem Nation

the kleptocrats all fail to see value in anything apart from their own comfort all else is simply theirs to use abuse and callously destroy Malcolm Evison 14 Jan 2014

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