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lines whilst listening to New Thing at Newport (1965)

Lines whilst listening to “New Thing at Newport” (1965) [Draft 4]   the reeds stray from strident to mellifluous   Soaring and flailing through the air dance and sing their way   around and over percussive beats release me from … Continue reading

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Alexander’s Whole New World – a poem about a grandson

  Alexander’s Whole New World   he chuckles at the fleeting change of his expanding universe   relentlessly observes each miracle of light and colour touch and sound   chortles of glee define each new discovery – he finds a … Continue reading

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Squirrel In The Rain

          Squirrel In The Rain     He perches, in sparkling eyed contemplation of the goal. Like some celebrated stylite, he squats on his post, oblivious to the hostile elements. My stare   intrudes upon his gaze; defiance resonates across … Continue reading

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if only i could be … a Tory (verse)

just a piece of heartfelt light verse!

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A Write to Overcome! *

    A WRITE TO OVERCOME! *     An all encompassing hollow ache resonates with nauseating discomfort; both mind and body scream aloud, enforcing tears upon an erstwhile stoic frame.   No knowledge can determine whether these tears, yelled … Continue reading

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