I see the lavender – illustrated poem

i see the lavender

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Going Home – a poem

As yesterday was Mothering Sunday I felt it appropriate to share this poem of mine from 2004 



(For Anne 17 May 2004)

Life ebbs and wheezes –
we look
for signs of grace.

She slides
into the arms of love
and finds her peace.

We simply hear the space
she left behind. We smile
knowing this cannot be
the time for tears.

Her rest is welcome
as our spirits rise
to share in this release.

The process of decay
has ceased
to prey upon her mind –

She glides
into the arms of sleep.

Malcolm Evison
(Written for my mother)
19 May 2004

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Night Shifts


Aimlessly walking through
the quiet town, an echo
painlessly affirms belonging.

Night falls;
the day disintegrates –
all reference fails.

I cannot wrap this world
in meaning. Slowly it burns
out the old images, the worn

words, the soiled. This is
the turning point; the nights
calm trodden underfoot.

Hold out your hands;
capture a fragment
of the neon-splintered

sky. A window brightly
shouts its wares.

into darkness
and reveals
its own banality.

Malcolm Evison 

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in the moment

my faithful hound
displays that ease
of being in the moment –

eyes closed
and lips aligned
into a smile

suggesting ecstasy –
as in a state of bliss –

it thrills
yet fills me
brim full of envy

as health concerns
and turmoil of emotions
have long since

cast aside
such calm


malcolm evison
15 february 2017

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Time & Tide

       Time & Tide

presence and absence

jointly proclaim

a boundary


a living space

a time

where one was changed


and wrought

a difference –

presence and absence


jointly define

a living space

confirm a place


where once a life

was lived

and changed


and in its turn

wrought change





malcolm evison

01 – 04 december 2016

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and still – the dog walks me (first draft)

legs quivering,
like a spluttering candle,
I wondered
if they would carry me
down footpath and bridleways
of Piper’s evening walk.

I managed,just; then felt
relieved to reach
the portal
of our shared abode.

Exhaustion breaks me, the result
not only of today’s exertion but,
rather a reminder
of last night’s sparse
and troubled sleep.

The sun may shine
on just and unjust alike –
but then it rains

it pours, a plenitude
of aches and pains,

a multitude
of torments to endure

malcolm evison
15 november 2016

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How to become President

How to become President

get what you can
by any means
you can

if at first
you don’t succeed

throw a tantrum
until they yield

to your demand


malcolm evison – 09 November 2016


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