One for Richard

with the positive identification of the car park skeleton it seemed an appropriate time to re-publish this poem!



[Redemore 22 August 1485]


Misjudged by many of my peers,

betrayed by those in whom

I placed my trust. Today


I sift through memory,

acknowledge scheming in my blood –

the unquenched thirst


of generations. Betrayal

led me to accept defeat

out of the very jaws


of victory. I clung

to pride.




A Judas multiplied

was on my side,

in faith, I thought them


little Christs. Their company

made for me

a lonely ride.




The wetlands bogged me down,

Canuted by the rapid-turning tide.


Today I made myself

a pawn

for Tudors grasping hand –


Today I died a King,

upheld the remnants

of my dignity.




My crown was no more theft

than fate contrives

to thrust on monarchy itself –


Today I have my pride.



Malcolm Evison

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