Poem to Secular Jesus – (the seminarian replies)

a poem written in response to ‘Seminarian’, an earlier poem of mine, as a result of a request from Rev Dr John Vincent whilst I was spending a post-graduate year at the Urban Theology Unit in mid 1970’s

Poem to Secular Jesus

Absurd redemption of humanity –
how can I write
or mouth a ritual creed
which brings to life
such crass stupidity.

This problemed world provides
no sanctuary. The Word
screams out for light; a sacrifice

of dreams and power –

a hapless Saviour snared
by well-intentioned tomes.

Bookloads of words
can never penetrate
reality –

the God-shaped question
for my reply. No theory

supplies the key
to one who shuns
inherited divinity.

No core of righteousness
resides within –
the journey outwards
is where truth begins.

Malcolm Evison

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