A type
of Gethsemane.
Not so much the pain –
more the agony.

Not the absence
of sleep –
more the ache;

an ache which penetrates
each sinew. If only
one had slept

like others do.
Oh, how you’d love
that luxury. Wait

for the next event –
everything burns,
each pore secretes
anxiety. Has it

all come to this?
Who knows
what follows
the restless night.

Malcolm Evison
09 June 2005

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5 Responses to Gethsemane

  1. Jingle says:

    carefully chosen words, lovely done…

    I invite you to participate in poets rally week 34.
    follow the ping back link and place your poem in,
    poetry awards are assigned upon completion.
    Happy Monday!
    The Deadline is Wednesday

    • hirsutemal says:

      Thanks for stopping by and your appreciation – perhaps, one of these days, when physical and emotional stamina are back in kilter I’ll get around to participating in poets rally!

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  3. Purvi says:

    Extremely pained are u? it touched a raw sinew here too .. :-\
    too well said! I am from

    • hirsutemal says:

      it was a reflection close upon a very pained & drained time (health-wise) as a sufferer with ME (ME-CFS) – thanks for stopping by and commenting, much appreciated.

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