THREE POEMS of Quite Recent Vintage




 Right now I feel

the urge to scream

forget the aching limbs


dance deftly

on the brim

of my emotions.


Right now

I feel the lure of love

the light


that breaches

my stoical defence.

I see your face


I glow with joy –

right now

there is no you or I


as we rejoice.


Right now I am

alive with you –

I feel –


imbibe the air of this

our perfect world.


 Malcolm Evison



Whirling, it made the day
seem shorter than
all other days had been.

It sang and leapt
at his fine tuned command;
his finger tingled,

as the loop pulled tight.
He winced a smile. For now,
he’d thrown his cares away;

next time, perhaps,
he’d simply let them go.


             Malcolm Evison



UNVEILING      [ for DH ]


Some days, a few words

scribbled down in haste,

a simple melody, a subtle

turn of phrase, unclothes


another’s world. And there,

beneath a supple shell, you find

a heart that bleeds;

it seeds itself beneath


the skin, you share the pain,

then seek to radiate the joy

their presence in the world

discloses. Some days you know


that you are not alone. The wave

that rises, through the words and song,

washes away your frown. You share

a smile, a caring strength;


you know your world

can never be the same.


Sometimes, a word of thanks reveals

that we can overcome;

sometimes a body sings the joy

of sharing; sometimes


we simply share

the pain of caring.



                                     Malcolm Evison  

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One Response to THREE POEMS of Quite Recent Vintage

  1. L says:

    Share the pin of caring…  That\’s good.

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