Flocks and Congregations




A darkly brooding


Of cumuli glowers



Threatens to destroy

Our horizon


A neighbouring flock

Glows brightly

Caressed by the sun


We ignore the gloom

And drive

Towards the light




                     Malcolm Evison

7 September 2007

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One Response to Flocks and Congregations

  1. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Malcolm,
    I see you\’ve been playing with the arrangement of this site.  I like it very much. Your paintings are highlighted in a better way. Makes you really look at your work.  I read your poetry and look at your paintings and think…..so much talent.  I wish more people had the opportunity to see what is here.
    Fall is officially and unofficially here.  We are still enjoying some very nice weather at least for a day or two. Today should hit about 84 degrees.  Quite pleasant for this time of year.  I\’m hoping to get outside for at least an hour.  I think we can begin to count the days when we can truly enjoy the warmth of the sun while wearing a tee-shirt.
    I am well as is little Sydney.  I hope the cooler weather of Fall is agreeing with you.  My best to both you and Helen.  Bittersweet 

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